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The Mother of Life Center and Problem Pregnancy of Providence is committed to promoting life by providing free assistance to pregnant teens and women. We are a non-profit agency in Rhode Island that cares for both you and your baby, offering pregnancy testing and advisory for your future physical and spiritual health. Our information on sex, sexuality and all the life issues are presented from a Christian perspective, believing that every person is made in God's image.

Pregnant? Worried? We Can Help …

If you're thinking of abortion, we want you to be fully informed about what actually happens to your child as an embryo or fetus during that procedure, and also the physical and emotional risks to you. A person should get all the facts before making any serious medical decisions.  You can call us to make a confidential appointment here , or email you questions here.

Free, Confidential and Convenient

All our services are provided at no charge to women.  Discussions between our staff and clients are completely confidential.  No other person will be given any information about you unless we have your written permission.  We will arrange your appointment to accommodate your own schedule.